Fantastic Handmade Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day

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Women should be celebrated every day for all the special things they always do for us and since this is not possible why not reward them in a special way by giving them gifts that are from the heart. A women’s day gift doesn’t need to be so expensive like many people think. You just have to give them unique gifts that show them that they mean the world to us. There are a lot of gifts available in shops and others that are handmade. This article will give you some of the best gift ideas for women’s day. If you are looking for a handsome gift idea for your mother, daughter, sister, wife, or grandmother. Read along to be inspired.

A Cute Pet Collar

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Pets are very cute and I know you are probably thinking if am going to show you how to create a dog. How I wish I could but no I can’t. If you already have a cute pet the best way you can gift your daughter or sister who has a pet is by creating a handmade collar for that pet. You don’t to spend a lot of cash buying a simple collar for a pet when you can put on your creative hat and get into business. All you need is as small cloth or leather strip and a pendant with the pets name and address. Sew the strip to create a cute collar and then hang the tag on it. This is a very simple gift to make and will take less than 30 minutes and you will be done. You can go to YouTube for tutorials on how to create a perfect cute pet collar if you are not gifted in creativity. Accompany your gift with some nice international women’s day flowers to make it special.

A Pillow Case


Another great gift that is really simple to make is a pillow case. You can make a pair or a single pillow case. Just get a plain pillow case and make some lovely patterns and stitches to decorate it. If you do t know how to create a simple pillow case, then ask a friend to help you come up with a very unique design. I remember back when I was in high school and I wanted to give by girlfriend a perfect gift on her birthday but didn’t have a good idea. 8t was a friend who advised me to create a pillow case. I did all I could and even it was not perfect she was really happy for all th3 effort I had put into it. So when you want to gift someone, do your best and they will surely appreciate the small but worthy gesture. You don’t need special flowers from international women’s day flower delivery to make her feel special.

Construct a Kitchen Shelf

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If you believe that your hands are gifted go ahead and give yourself a challenge by construct a simple kitchen shelf. All you need are pieces of wood and a few screws to make it happen. A good shelf should support a reasonable amount of weight so make sure you make and cut your wood in the right measurement. Screw the wood on the wall carefully and see if it can hold some weight. If it does then you have passed the challenge. If it’s not holding the weight you can seek assistance from a friend who knows how to assembly a simple shelf on the wall or better yet you cans Google.


International Women's Day

Heartstrings are rather childish but for some it can make a great simple gift. If you have a young sister or a daughter this may be a perfect. Just get a couple of strings and pieces of paper which you are going to cut into heart shapes. You can also use colourful beads to create heartstrings. Cut the red paper into many heart shaped decorations. If you have cut enough pieces, the next step is to join them together using the strings. You can mix the papers with beads so that they can hang well on the wall. When you are through with a dozen strings, you can hang them on the door way or on the wall. Ensure that the colours are bright to brighten up the room.

A DIY Photo Album

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Creating s lovely photo album is also a great gift during international women’s day celebrations. Creating this gift is quite simple all you need is a simple hard cover paper and other simple cut papers which you will use to glue the photo on to. Photographs really take us way back and give us good past memories. Use the hard cover to protect the envelopes that you have just created to insert the photos in. Look for some photos and put them inside the album and present it as a gift to that special lady you are celebrating on this special day. I am sure that they will appreciate the effort.

A Wooden Cooking Spoon

International Women's Day

A wooden spoon is also great gift to present to your mother or grandmother during international women’s day she will surely appreciate the effort. What you need is a simple way that you can curve into a wooden spoon and smoothen it so that it won’t have rough edges. Gifts are great and it’s better to present a simple cheap gift than not giving a gift at all. A trust that these gift ideas will work magic for our women. Have a great international women’s day everyone.

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