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Changing homes can be a big decision. The mental preparation can take weeks or even months. Finding a new place to live is a long haul. Once you have made up your mind, you still need to arrange for boxes and other packing material, hire boxing and moving services, and get the necessary permits for inter-state relocations.

You should begin looking at moving and supply companies in your area to find adequate material necessary. For moving across state lines, always visit the national companies that handle residential or office moving.

How should you begin your packing preparation?

Some homeowners keep the packing boxes of TVs, refrigerators, speakers and other electronic devices in the garage or basement. These sturdy boxes can come to your aid during packing. It is likely that you will find help for packing, but shortlisting the items you own and managing to find the correct number of boxes for the same is going to be a challenge.

Expert packers and movers advise their clients to take a walk around each room in the house and make a list of things in each room. This list should include electronics, furniture, utilities, decoration items, books, and clothing.

Making this list will help you estimate the adequate packaging material necessary and set up a list of priority items that you absolutely need to box and carry. While doing this thorough inventory, do not forget your bathrooms, closets, store room, garage, basement, and attic.

All homeowners have junk sitting in these rooms that they rarely use. Holding a yard sale would be a great idea to get rid of unwanted items and make some money too.

Why is professional packing necessary?

All homeowners should know that moving companies do not hold themselves liable when they have not packed the boxes by themselves. A homeowner can pack their own boxes, and then hire a moving company to move them from their old home to the new one.

However, if their belongings suffer damage, the moving company will not be liable to provide compensation to the homeowner. It is always better to talk to the moving company you want to hire before you think about boxing the fragile items. Packing charges might seem like a significant expense, but it also carries the cost of the insurance the most moving companies provide to their clients.

In case you want to go ahead and pack your belongings on your own, always ensure that you buy quality supplies from national packing and moving companies.

What packing mistakes should you avoid at all costs?

There are quite a few things new homeowners do not know about packing and moving. Visit to find out all necessary tips and tricks to make your moving hassle-free. Here are some of the mistakes everyone should avoid during relocating –

i. Buying cheap materials

Every home has myriads of furniture, home décor items and more. Fitting each one into same-sized boxes is impossible. Having old fruit boxes, liquor boxes and electronics boxes can save money, but they can create quite the confusion during unpacking. Stick to the three basic box sizes.

Check out any moving company. They usually have the standard three sizes of boxes you will need to finish packing uniformly.

ii. The weight of the boxes

When a box is too heavy, there is always a chance of its bottom giving away. Do not over-pack the boxes. It can not only threaten damage to the content of the boxes but also increase the risk of injury of the person carrying it.

When taking heavy items like books, canned goods, and files, use multiple small boxes instead of one large box.

iii. Not beginning the preparations early

College students have the habit of waiting until the last moment to pack their belongings before moving to a new shared apartment or room. It is manageable for them since they have far fewer belongings than the average family of three or four. You should begin making the lists and categorizing the items according to rooms at least a month before the moving date.

According to professional packers and movers, you should be able to pack up one room entirely if you can dedicate an hour. You should finish packing and labeling each box at least 48 hours before moving day.

  1. The lack of a proper labeling system

Even with adequate packing material and talent, it can be challenging to finish packing without an appropriate method of labeling. Use standard stick-on labels for each box and place them on top and two sides of the box (at least 2-inches high).

Tag using a waterproof pen and write the room, along with a possible list of contents in bold letters. Include special instructions like “fragile,” “top load” or “keep upright” on all four sides and top of the selected boxes.

  1. Not taking enough precautions

Do not count the boxes when you have to pack. Packing each lampshade separately might seem like a waste of boxes, but putting two together in the same box might be a waste of lampshades! Insert all fragile items like plates, picture frames, clocks, and wall hangings on their edge after triple wrapping.

Always keep lampshades and vases with enough room above them. Keep your electronic items separately, and try to carry tablets, notebooks and home remotes with you.

When you are transporting your laptop or desktop, place the speakers and amplifiers away from them. The magnetic field from the latter can destroy electronic devices. Pack the power cords, charger cables and USB cables with the original item. Do not pack cleaners and other liquid with them.

Packing is an art. You should set up a system for wrapping including listing the items that you want to put in the same box and items that require special care. Categorize articles as “open first,” “living room necessities,” “and bathroom must-haves.”

It will smoothen out the first few days of moving, and you will always have the necessary items within your reach. You can also develop a color-coding system that will enable you to find the right thing at the right time with a single glance.

You should consider hiring professional packers if the value of the items outweighs the cost of packing. Especially while moving antique furniture and vintage home décor, professional packing services become indispensable.

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