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Choosing a career option is one of the toughest tasks each student goes through. Being an Indian student, you are always forced to contemplate your career instead of continuing with your passion. At some point or the other, we all have come across a situation where our need of choosing a professional course took over our desire to pursue our passion. Making the best of your current situation is what you have been taught throughout your life, but when it is a question of your career, you must learn how to defend your passion.

I believe, deciding your career in the right way brings joy to your life and you can satiate your desires. There are several interesting career options one can consider after completing school. These off-beat courses allow you to make your passion as your career. Here, in this article, I am explaining Five most peculiar and unusual courses one can give thought to.


  • Animation Design


The use of Animation has been increasing rapidly. Animation retains the strong ability to attract users and being the one who creates animation is an astonishing job. It is the most versatile and flexible source of creating humor, attentiveness, engrossment, and charm. The use of animation can be seen getting prevalent but the number of students moving forward in the very same direction are comparatively less. Courses for animation may include B. Sc Animation, Diploma 3D Animation, Diploma in Animation, and Digital Graphics Animation.

Institutes that offer these courses are:

Arena Multimedia, New Delhi

Global School of Animation, Chennai

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic, Mumbai

Tekno Point Multimedia, Bangalore


  • Event Management


Yet another addition in the list, the most widely known and spread course is Event Management. Managers have a lot to do in order to make their events successful. Isn’t it exciting when you get to put all your efforts and your hard work really pays off? Getting hold of an event manager gives a sense of security of work. Even if you don’t want to pursue in the field of management, completing this course enables you to run your own family business or motivates you to join someone else’s.

An event may be a party, marriage or fest, an event manager plays a vital role behind the execution of the event. Right from the most basic step i.e. planning the stage, running through the entire event to the carry out the post event evaluation, an event manager is the most important key to get the events going on.

There are various institutions that offer this course. Following are the picked ones:

Event Management Development Institute

Amity University of Event Management

National Institute of Event Management

  • Puppetry

This course is my personal favorite. Imagine yourself being surrounded by colorful puppets and the most amazing thing is that there are some institutions that offer courses in Puppetry. It is one of the most conventional forms of entertainment. I still remember visiting an event called Paryatan Parv, held at India Gate (New Delhi), where I was fascinated by the art of operating puppets. Watching them control their puppets tied to strings was purely mesmerizing. This brings fun, joy, and delight among people.

Children usually learn from colors and jazzy figures. They find it interesting and easy to learn through puppets. Puppetry has become an important medium of education and helps teaching various topics to students.

Following are the institutes that offer Puppetry course:

Mumbai University

Calcutta Puppet Theatre

  • Bachelor of Rural Studies

The growth and development of a nation lies in the progress of its people. We have made efforts to grow as a country, but Indian Villages are somehow left behind in this process of development. Your intentions and positive attitude have more pragmatic impact on the development of the poor. Joining this course gives you an opportunity to execute your intentions practically. Such courses cover topics like Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Farm Management, Agriculture, Environment Management etc.

Following are the institutes that offer Bachelor of Rural Studies course:

Bhavnagar University

BRS College of Rural Studies

Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya

  • Pet Grooming

Animals make me go weak in the knees, and I can not help resisting myself from falling in love with them. Imagining a course that gives you the opportunity to work for them is ineffable. If you are fond of animals, then this course is for you. Pet Grooming is the course enabling you bathe, style, brush, and maintain the appearance of cats and dogs. These animals require constant attention and care, and you have got to be extra affectionate towards them. This course has seen gradual increase in the number of applications every year.

Institutes that offer Pet Grooming course are:

Whiskers and Tails Franchise & Pet Grooming Academy

Fuzzy Wuzzy Professional Pet Grooming School

So, this was the list of five most unusual courses you can pursue your career in. I hope, one of them does match with your interest.

Author: Avantika Bhardwaj

Avantika Bhardwaj is currently working as a Content Associate for She believes that the growth and development of an economy depend on the education structure of the country. She has been enthusiastically presenting her views on how the education system has seen improvements over the past few years in India.

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