Learn These 7 Tricks to a Balanced Life Between Work and Family Time

Balanced Life Between Work and Family Time
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Being a parent is a lifetime responsibility and it’s never going to be like a walk in the park but always like a walk in Jurassic Park – of course, kidding aside. Though, the joy and adventure you’ll have with your behalf and your lovely children are indescribable. Nowadays, many parents seem to gamble every day only to have a balanced life between work and their family.

If you’re a parent and you and your partner are hyperventilating by figuring out the solutions to this issue, well, I suggest that you pursue the article and you’ll thank me after that. Don’t exit the page because you might miss the information that may change your parenting life.



It’s understood that as a parent, your life is like a rollercoaster kind of ride -there would be many twist and turns, shout and cry, ups and downs, and so on. However, these things shouldn’t hinder you from making time for your family. If you’re working on a company or you own a company, don’t be too overwhelmed with your job.

You can still secure your business and your family as well by availing insurance services like business or small business insurance, property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and so on – if that’s what bothers you. This will help you secure your business and properties even without your presence and will give you more time to spend with your family.



In parenthood, you should know that your family must always be your top priority. Your children and your behalf must be the ones to inspire you in everything you do – you have to think that whatever you do is for their sake.

Don’t be choked up by all the workloads only to earn money for the family. Know that no matter how much you have to work for financial stability, your family still needs you – they always long for your presence, to be in your arms and to see your face.



You might think that the material things that you buy for your kids do really satisfy them. That’s not right, your children might not tell you but they really and still want to have time with you – to cuddle and play with you, to hear stories from you, to build a playhouse with you, and to make you taste their pretend-foods.

The moments with your kids, your time with them, and the happiness you’ll possibly share together can never be bought by money. Always strive to allocate a day or two or your spare time to bond with your children, they need you and they’ll always be looking for you.



To have a balanced life between work and family time, you must have the willingness, urge, and discipline at the same time. You may see work as a privilege and that will hinder you to think of about your household and how they really matter compared to your job.

To attain a balanced life that’s torn between work and family time, make an effort to always connect with your loved ones. If you’re not that busy at work, say “I love you” by sending them a message – now that the rise of technology is unstoppable so should your way of finding means to connect with them. You can also send surprise gifts or simply say “Hello”. It might be simple for you but it really matters to them a lot.



If you want to catch up with your family for the times you spend in the four corners of your office, don’t hesitate to plan a family get together. It could be done twice a week, once a week or a couple of times in a month.  

In that simple yet special way, you can stay connected in line with them, you can still show them that you’re working hard at work but you’re working harder to be with them. And trust me, they will surely treasure and will always look up to those kinds of moments with you and the whole family.



One of the most common and disturbing mistakes done by parents is by bringing their workloads even at home. If you’re one of these kinds of a parent, you better stop that habit. You must be aware that what belongs to work, stays there, and when you’re at home, in front of your family, don’t ever try to steal that time to do your work AGAIN.

They might not be saying it, but surely they’re a little upset when they see that you’re still working even when it’s supposed to be a “family time”. Imagine, my friend, that little amount of time in a day that you’re going to be with your family after a long and tiring day at work only ends up with you burying yourself in those pile of paperwork, isn’t that kind of wasting time? Think about it.



You might always get yourself exhausted all day at work, but you still have to give some time to your family at least every dinner or bedtime on working days. If it’s not that necessary then don’t go overtime at work.

It’s important that you talk to your children, ask them about how their day was, about their school, if they have problems and so on. You have to let your children feel that no matter how busy you are at work, you still manage to make time to let them feel they have someone to talk to. Always remember, your children’s confidence in life will be coming from the foundation of the household and that is you and your behalf.

A life with a family of your own is like sailing in an ocean, you may possibly face stormy weather in the middle of it and there will come those cosy and fair days. Parenthood is all about balancing and time management. Do you have a story to share regarding our topic? Let us know.

Author: Kath Ramirez

Kath Ramirez is a writer in profession and passion. She believes that everybody can write but not everyone can write with good content and effectively reach out for their audience. Kath believes that writing is one of the million rays of the sun to relieve stress and anxiety. Aside from writing, she indulges herself to reading random books, photography, dancing, and eating pastries which her little sister makes most of the time. She is now a writer for particular Australian and United Kingdom-based companies.

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