17 Creative Packaging Design Trends for Inspiration

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Creative packaging design is extremely varied because packaging serves all sorts of different needs. You’ve got bottles, bags and boxes; canisters, jars and wrappers. Packaging comes in every shape, size, material and product- for any product you can envision. It also epitomizes the brand. A product might be fantastic with a correspondingly killer logo, but a splendid, trendy, and artistic packaging is what really seals the deal. In fact, the in our purchase of the way a box looks on a shelf or how it feels in our hands can be a deciding factor product.

Unlike other designs, creative packaging design ends results in something noticeable. It is more individualistic. In fact, packaging has become so essential that there are mammoth population of the market that just love packaging.

A product might spend just a few days on the shelf of a producer but it will spend weeks and sometimes months on the shelves of the consumer’s home. Great and artistic packaging need to last and be a work of art that people are proud to have wherever they go.

As we go on this ride, let me ask you a question:

Why did you go for that specific brand? Was it impulse or was it because you genuinely needed the product? I guess you’re thinking about it now right?

Don’t let me keep you in thought; you bought it because it was interesting and captivating.

Yes, you may have needed shampoo, but did you need that specific brand? The one with the sleek, expensive looking bottle? No, but you bought it because you thought it would make you feel extravagant, even if it’s the same product as what is in the discount bin.

This is the purpose of packaging. Packaging, when done decorously and ingeniously, ultimately sells your product. It draws attention and make consumers feel a certain way that makes them feel good.

Knowing how to make your product prominent amongst all the others on the shelves can b quite tough. However, the deciding factor in most cases is how creatively packaged the product is.

Despite the fact that customers’ loyalty is largely resolute by the quality of a product; the packaging of a product is the first thing a potential customer sights when purchasing a product.

Furthermore, the experience of receiving and unboxing a product allows customers to connect with a brand on a deeper level.

Businesses of different sizes understand this.

Consequentially, brands are investing more money in producing exclusive and unique packaging design. A very important thing that companies should look for and take note of when it comes to product design is trend. Trends are mysterious things. Some disappear as quickly as they appear, others stay active for years. There are also a select few trends that evolve. Thus, they transform into the driving forces behind new trends.

Creating packaging doesn’t have to be terrifying. It is a lot easier than easier than ever to design custom packaging that looks amazing and won’t break the bank. But as a designer, you know that there’s still a lot of work that goes into the process.

The best packaging doesn’t just incorporate a logo or brand colours. It tells a story and creates the overall aesthetic for a brand.

Companies spend significant time, effort and money to develop an attractive product packaging design because of its essential role in driving sales and creating a distinctive brand.

The packaging is the first consumers see and also perhaps the thing that they remember when they leave a store. As the market becomes increasingly crowded with new companies surfacing rapidly, many consumers have trouble differentiating products with similar functions and features.

New product design competition is harsh, particularly for start-ups that want to penetrate markets that are filled with established brands.

While the packaging is primarily intended to keep the product inside intact during distribution and storage, it has become a platform for marketing in which companies are pouring resources with the sole purpose of showcasing any product’s value and quality at a glance to both competitors and customers. There are countless design approaches to create attractive packaging.

Custom packaging is specifically and uniquely tailored made to fit a product perfectly. It is designed by a packaging structural engineer and it requires specially made tooling that basically serves as a sort of ‘packaging DNA’ used in the various machinery that makes your packaging.

Generally speaking, custom packaging is not for the faint of heart or light of wallet. It is a longer, more involved process. Custom packaging gives your product a more refined and professional appearance on store shelves. Custom packaging groups like i7 Packaging specialize in Crafting and printing the complete unboxing experience.

At this point, I bring to you the 17 Creative Packaging Design Trends for inspiration. Sit back and enjoy them;

  • Daring and Uncluttered Designs

Clear and orderly designs have always been well-received. As a matter of fact, designs that go back to the basics have a tendency to resurface throughout the years

It would seem like designers are emphasising the power minimalistic design more than ever.

The idea behind an austere design is to create a package that elevates the product. This type of packaging design should highlight the most important features.

In the fast-paced world where customers only take a few seconds to make up their minds, a bold and minimalistic design can make the difference.

  • Pack Clearness

One of the emerging packaging design trends for 2019 is transparent food packaging. This is one of the up-to-date food packaging trends that is becoming more popular with consumers.

It is becoming important to consumers to view the actual product they are buying. Yes, the consumer is increasingly looking for labels that transcend a simple ingredient list.

Today’s consumers are keen to really know what’s inside the packaging. They want to know things like the source of the ingredients, all the channels that have touched the product on its way to the shelf.

  • Experience

“People buy experiences, not products”.

This trend is being exploited increasingly by packaging designers looking at the entire shopping experience as well as the ‘un-boxing’ experience once the product lands home. Do you remember how excited you were when you bought your first car? This is the unboxing feeling that effective packaging has the power to create in the targeted consumer.

  • Green is good; sustainable is better

This emerging trend lies in transparency. This trend focuses more on “No more waste packaging!”. The 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Packaging is becoming more important to the consumer and will continue to be an important driver of change for packaging designers

  • Influencer Packaging

As a result of the growing trend of influencer marketing, experience- driven packaging that focuses beyond the worthiness of the product and also how the pack can be reused and repurposed all adds additional marketing message impact.

  • Production

As the focus on sustainability continues to push the development of environmentally responsible packaging and practices, today’s packaging designers need to know a whole lot more than simply how to create pretty designs. Designers need to also have a greater understanding of the mechanical process, production techniques and material science; all of which allow brand marketers to make effective decisions.

  • Owning the customer

E-commerce has allowed manufactures the ability to intercept the retailer and actually own the customer. Great packaging design looks at how the manufacturer can create allegiance and consumer proprietorship.

  • Authenticity

There is still an importance placed in packaging for an authentic design that takes cues from years gone by. Authenticity can massively increase customer trust, with designers taking inspiration from bygone eras that create certain emotional triggers and feeling of nostalgia. This trend is a must-for established brands to capitalize on.

  • Colour Pop Graphics

Mental graphic designs and mixed media are still making waves across packaging, with bold and colourful combinations sure to stand out on the shelf. This trend is especially prevalent in drink branding as the colour pop represents the refreshing content within

  • Utilising Nature

There’s nothing like using the elements to create a sense of natural and organic produce. 2018 brings a deeper connection between nature and design, especially in food and drink. Designers look to capture the origin and essence of a product with graphics showing landscapes etc.

  • Say it loud

This is similar to the guiding principles of the simplicity trend. Using large fonts and bold typography gets straight to the point. This approach to packaging has seen brands soar especially those in more health-focused markets sectors. Contrasting colours, mixed with simple fonts make it easy to decipher contents.

  • Building a narrative

A great package is not just about the creative use of colours or elements. It is also about the creative use of colours and elements.

A good package should convey messages that will allow the consumer to connect with your brand.

  • The Social Design:

This least visually creative, but easily the most engaging, social packaging allows customers to act as mini-CMOs for their favourite brands. Creating a limited edition package for products that you are listening to them

  • Custom Inscription:

Crafting your typeface for a logo can reveal novel things about your brand. Fluid imperfections, irregularities, or quirky letter details can add warmth to your brand and set it apart from other digital designs.

  • Textured & Laser-Cut Packaging:

From Prototype, construction to packaging design, texturing and laser cutting represents innovative new techniques.

Laser cutting allows the creation of intricate designs, 3D layering and interesting cut-outs

  • Bold Pattern Repetition:

Pattern repetition has always had a special place in the creation of unique designs. This creative technique can be seen in hundreds of designs, old and new.

The repetition of certain visual motifs can help a brand transmit a strong message.

  • Speciality Packaging:

Speciality packaging presses the limit of packaging designs and requires extra finesse.

Every successful brand should attempt to challenge the norm in a way. Speciality packaging means thinking outside the box.

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