5 Healing Properties of Red Coral Stone (Munga Stone)

Munga Stone
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Red coral or Munga is a precious stone which is not mined from the earth. Rather, it is an organic gemstone found in the depth of the seas. It is constituted of skeletons of coagulated marine creatures, polyps. Despite being made of sensitive skeleton, it is immensely tough and hard. This gemstone represents the planet of Mars for astrological purposes. Red coral stone is also considered an excellent healing stone for centuries. It is credited to reduce the malefic effects cast by movement of the Mars. The impressive healing properties and stunning red color of Munga stone make it a wonderful jewelry stone as well.

What is the Impact of Mars on Your Health?

As per Vedic astrology, Mars is a planet that represents warfare and energy. It is rightly known to be the commander-in-chief among the nine planets that make our solar system. When the movement of Mars becomes malefic or its position on the birth charts is debilitated, it results in a Mangal Dosha or a period of transition that brings several health problems to your life.

Due to its malefic movement, a native may suffer from ailments related to blood, kidney, bone marrow, and bladder. It causes wounds and injuries apart from several other skin related diseases. To reduce these negative effects, astrologers recommend wearing red munga stone. This stone has power to calm down the negativity of Mars with its strong cosmic properties. The healing benefits of wearing red coral are:

  1. Preventing Eruptive Diseases:

Eruptive diseases like smallpox, measles, chickenpox, boils, and piles can be dangerous. Red coral is an amazing gemstone that not only prevents their eruption but also helps in faster healing if a person is afflicted by them. Red coral healing properties also include curing fevers associated with these eruptive diseases. Also, it is extremely helpful for preventing digestive problems and stomach-related issues. It cures typhoid, bile, wounds, and weakness if you choose to wear natural and authentic red coral stone.

  1. Preventing Blood-Related Diseases:

Red coral is a powerful organic gemstone that helps people to recover from blood-related diseases. Many experts recommend wearing it for these moonga stone benefits. It not only boosts the immunity but also helps to reduce the chances of severe blood-related diseases. By leading to better growth of blood levels in the body, it enhances the protection level and keeps you healthy. You can alleviate problems like blood infections, anemia, and severe allergies by wearing this gemstone. It also benefits people suffering from high blood pressure by keeping it under a check.

  1. Preventing Genital Problems:

In the solar system, Mars is signified as the planet of vitality along with its several other properties. Due to this reason, people wear Munga to prevent issues related to genital ailments. This wonderful gemstone has ability to prevent painful childbirth or risk of miscarriage for pregnant women who carry this gemstone. Red coral benefits in curing menstrual disorders as well. If you take Munga stone powder with a little kewda water, it works as a magical potion for the pregnant women.

  1. Preventing Skin-Related Diseases:

There are many skin-related ailments that can be prevented and cured by wearing red munga gemstone. For example, it helps a person having problems like pimples, psoriasis, dry skin, and rashes. It is advisable to wear authentic red Munga stone to avail of these benefits.

  1. Preventing Mental Issues:

Since Mars is considered to be a perennial source of stamina and energy, it needs a gemstone that can absorb this energy and harness it in the right manner. Red coral gemstone does the same by boosting mental strength and confidence of the wearer. This gemstone not only rids you of mental despondency but also prevents nightmares and excessive outrage.

Red Munga is also a beneficial gemstone for children suffering from malnutrition due to improper diet.  It can help in providing relief from problems related to head or lymph nodes. When combined with other gemstones, red coral can cure kidney ailments, jaundice, diabetes, rickets, hernia, meningitis, cancer, and nerve disorders. It works as a panacea for a person suffering from stomach pain.

Best Ways to Wear Red Coral for Health Benefits:

Wearing red coral can ward off the abovementioned health issues without much difficulty. You can wear it in the form of red Munga bracelet, ring, or a pendant. The positivity emanated from it makes it the perfect healing stone. Unlike the pure stone, synthetic red Munga can never deliver the desired results. You can purchase high quality munga stone from trusted stores likes GemPundit. In fact, it can be harmful to wear such fake stones for health benefits.

You should buy red coral gemstone online and get it encrusted into a gold or copper ring. Wear this ring in the ring finger of your right hand on Tuesday morning. Follow the right procedure for wearing the gemstone to evoke its innate powers. But, never lay your hands on treated or heated gemstones that lose their properties during such treatments.

Author: Sanath Pollemore

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