Reasons To Choose GbWhatsapp Application

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When it comes to messaging apps WhatsApp is on peak more than any other apps. Since it offers better convenience and features to the users no matter what. It is compatible with any version device and works best. However, some of its performances make users feel unhappy. In some case, you guys look for a few more features in this app but what you get is the disappointment. When you want to use WhatsApp according to your comfort level then gbwhatsapp 3.10 apk helps you to fulfill your thoughts. An app full of user-friendly aspects and helps users from an awkward situation is GBWhatspp. You will come to know it’s amazing features only when you start to work with it. To know more check out the below information.

Dual WhatsApp:

Have you ever imagine having two WhatsApp accounts? Of course its possible through this best contemporary application it will allow you to maintain two accounts in the same device. There is nothing different in the interface and environment you will have the accurate things as like WhatsApp in this app. But the only difference is you will be provided with even more aspects which boost your experience.


It offers more security features plus the availability of different packages in this application you can make use of any accordingly. All its fellow versions hold the same sort of secured aspects. You know this cloning app is the most popular and on trending app.

Key features to know:

  • SMS verifications
  • You are allowed to send more than 90 images at once
  • Send videos up to 16 GB
  • Also, add more than 600 participants in the group
  • Cease the last seen, tick and double tick as well
  • Expand the status length from 139 to 255
  • Just by opening the app you will come to know whether the person is online or not
  • Change the tick style and colors
  • Hiding the date, time and contact name when you copy the message

Premium app:

The modded app is developed only to make users feel convenient all the time. When you look at WhatsApp then you know it has a message scheduling problem. It let you face a lot more hurdles. In such a case, the GBWhatsApp offer to help hands which will automatically send the message to the contact you select. This app stands out from other messaging applications because it has included various new emoji’s so you can have wordless chats with your friends.


You know privacy is really hard to find in this technical world. Even you try to avoid some personal message as well you will be pinged with a lot. In such a case, you can make use of the gbwhatsapp 3.10 apk privacy settings. You will have security features for both contact privacy and safety. Mainly the graphical representation of this app is mesmerizing which will make you change the wallpaper the way you want. Thus make use of this application and have wonderful messaging with your people.

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